• New home construction
• Shop construction
• Foundations
• Basement floors
• Garage floors
   and pads

• Driveways
• Sidewalks
• Patios
• Concrete stairs
• Exposed aggregate
• Stamped concrete
• Grade beams and piles

• Retaining walls
• Cribbing
• Concrete pumping
• Concrete removal
   and replacement
• Custom concrete jobs

Affordable Installations, Inspections And Repairs

Alejandros Decorative Concrete works within your budget and patiently assists you with your decision on simple or complex designs. Our friendly concrete designer and consultant will assist you in determining a suitable texture, colour and form that will be sure to increase the aesthetic and financial value of your home or business.

A large portion of our business is pouring new concrete, black top installation, marble and granite installation, asphalt or concrete driveways, cement sidewalks, foundations, paving stone, all kinds of masonry work, new steps, and demolition.

We can also remove and repair violations such as a collapsed sidewalk, trip hazards (including hardware trip hazards), improper slopes, patchwork, missing or defective curbs, protruding metal or sign stumps.


Alejandros Decorative Concrete is a leader in both new and the breakout, removal and replacement of old concrete driveways, foundations, sidewalks and patios. We can replace them with new ones at affordable prices.

Whether you are contracting us to build a brick wall or a garage floor, we use the same high standards of construction to make sure the job is done properly. Our team makes sure a superior top quality product is delivered on every job.